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What to Bring to the Retreat

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Fazendo As Malas Para O Retiro


  • Personal Hygiene Kit (Shampoo, Soap, Toothpaste...);
  • Writing notebook for notes;
  • Few Light and Comfortable Clothes;
  • Warm clothing (it will be summer but at night the temperature sometimes drops a lot);
  • Bed linen (option to rent with accommodation);
  • Blanket (option to rent with accommodation);
  • Pillow (option to rent with accommodation);
  • Bath towel (option to rent with accommodation);
  • Swimwear (there are natural pools and a river on site);
  • Sneakers or comfortable shoes (for walking on the trail);
  • Umbrella or raincoat;
  • Repellent;
  • Flashlight;
  • Incense for offering every day;
  • Sunscreen;
  • Meditation cushion or Zafu;
  • Thermos bottle for hot water;
  • Food container (e.g. tupperware);
  • Wet wipes;
  • A pocket knife.


  • Current local average temperature:
    Between 16ºC to 26ºC


We offer rental of the items below.
The value corresponds to the period of the retreat.

  • Bed Linen - $10
  • Pillow - $ 5
  • Bath Towel - $ 5
  • Blanket/Blanket - $ 10


  • You will not have access to your phone during the retreat, only in urgent and emergency situations. You will provide the contact details of our coordinators in case an emergency occurs and you need to be notified by our production.


  • Bring alcoholic beverages;
  • Use any substance prohibited by law;
  • Leave the Institute's premises upon arrival, except as a matter of urgency and informing any of the organization's people;
  • Bring speakers or electronics that could disturb the peace.


  • Industrialized foods;
  • Cosmetics and perfumes;
  • Computer and other electronic equipment;

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