Discover your
True Nature

Rushen practice permanently pierces the unconscious veils of psycho-emotional suffering or samsara, appearing as the 6 Realms of false perceptions and modes of being. It is these veils perverting our perceptions and awareness that hide our True Nature. 

Rushen Practice breaks through our 6 Realm fixations, teaching us instead to identify with our True Nature and discover ourselves already in and as an integral part of the Mandala of Sacred Perfection (Pure Vision).

Rushen, from milk to butter

Like extracting pure butter from milk, learn how to extract the essence of nirvana from the gross phenomena of samsara.

Brazilian Tropical Forest

The Retreat will take place in Marechal Floriano, Espirito Santo, Brazil. In the charming Capixabas Mountains region, known for its exuberant nature. Instituto Ibietê will be the setting for this practice, providing a serene atmosphere conducive to the work of discovering your true self.

Nature Experience

Participants will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in nature in the middle of the forest, in areas of 4m x 4m, each with their own tent and equipped camping area. This unique experience allows for a deep connection with the environment, creating a conducive space for practice and reflection.

Body, Speech and Mind

During the retreat, immerse yourself in a deep process of self-knowledge, identifying and understanding each of these realms in your lives. The practice of Rushen, a preliminary to Dzogchen, will be a journey towards purifying the Body, Speech and Mind.

Deep Transformation

Immerse yourself in the process of differentiating samsara from nirvana using the Rushen methodology. Like extracting pure butter from milk, learn how to extract the essence of nirvana from the gross phenomena of samsara. Upon completing the retreat you will notice that is easier to remain in the state of natural presence that seals the door to the six Realms of Samsara.


03/22/2023 - friday
(first day)

- 9:00 am - Bus leaves from Vitória (capital) to the event location;
- 11:00 am - Arrival and settling in the tents;

- 12:30 pm - Puja;
- 1:30 pm - Lunch;
- 2:30 pm - Conversation about logistics;
- 3 pm to 5 pm - Teaching with Dharma;
- 6 pm - Dinner.

DAYS 23 to 29
(Rushen practices)

- 7 am - Coffee, tea and fruits;
- 7 am to 10 am - Rushen practice;
- 10 am to 12 pm - Teachings and practice refinement instructions with Dharma Bodhi;
- 12 pm - lunch break; 
- 1 pm - 6 pm - Rushen practice;

- 6 pm - Dinner;
- After dinner - Rushen practice.

03/30/2023 - saturday
(last day)

- 7 am - Coffee and tea (no food - fasting);
- 7 am to 10 am - Rushen practice;
- 10 am to 12 pm - Teachings and instructions with Dharma Bodhi;
- 1 pm to 4 pm - Rushen practice;
- 4:30 pm - Informal ritual offerings and Ritual Celebration (Gana Chakra)

03/31/2023 - sunday

- 9am - Breakfast;
- 12pm - Bus leaves from the event location to Vitória (capital).

Recommended for

Those in search of the Truth of their self nature

Non-Dual Dharma Tradition Practitioners

Students Initiated in Trika Mahãsiddha Yoga

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Main information about the Rushen Retreat!


Ibietê Institute
Capixabas Mountains
1h30 from Vitória/ES Airport
Marechal Floriano/ES - Brazil

Retreat Period

Arrival 03/22/2024
Back 03/31/2024
It will be a 9 day retreat
between the 22nd to the 30th.

What's included
  • All meals
  • Accommodation in the Camping Area
  • Lesson Material
  • Round-trip transport to the location


Each day at the Rushen Retreat is a unique opportunity for spiritual deepening.

Dharma Bodhi Teachings

Dharma Bodhi will give in-depth teachings and instructions on Rushen, the six realms and the nature of your existence. This instructions will provide you with valuable insights illumination your inner journey.

Intensive Rushen Sessions

A Rushen retreat is a total immersion on the tecniques of Rushen, which leads to full realization when applied powerfull intention. In this way the traditional Rushen practice is happening at every moment that you are not eating or sleeping. Due to this intensity you will be able to exhaust the internal causes of illusory perception, which will give profound purification, realization of your nature and the pure vision of the world arising in self perfected nature.

Dharma Bodhi

Dharma Bodhi


Dharma Bodhi began the spiritual quest by learning Yoga, and Daoist spiritual practices and martial arts in his youth in New York City. In 1987, after a year of intense apprenticeship with Mahatma Sarasvati in non-dual Śaivite Yoga, he took formal initiation and entered into an 18-month practice retreat in the yogic & meditation methods of Classical Kaula & Krama Tantra.

By the end of 1996 Dharma had completed 10 years of practice, retreats, and studies with his Indian masters and was given the Purnadikshabhiśekham ceremony and the title of Ācāryā, along with the responsibility for preserving the teachings and practices. He had been trained in what was ostensibly non-dual Śakta-Śaiva Tantrik Yoga and meditation, but his first Indian Acarya made it very clear that he was learning the Oral-Practice Tradition of the Mahāsiddhas or
“Masters of Great Attainment” which is “supra-sectarian”.

Dharma has also completed training in Indian astrology (jyotish), palmistry (hasta samudrika), sacred architecture & geometry (vastu) with Hart de Fouw and one of his senior students.  He learned Ayurvedic medicine with Dr. Vasant Lad and Dr. Ravindra, and also learned puja, yajña
& homa by apprenticeship with master-priest Śrī Rami Śivan, Founder of the Australian Council of Hindu Clergy.

Later, Dharma began to attend Dzogchen meditation retreats with Ayang Rinpoche in Bodh Gaya, India and also with Penor Rinpoche in Canada. He took many meditation and View Teaching programs with Bön and Vajrayana lamas including Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche, whose openness and non-sectarian style of teaching would influence Dharma’s future approach. In 2007 Dharma Bodhi took refuge with HH the 34 th Menri Trizin – Lungtok Tenpai’i Nyima, and began formal Bönpo Dzogchen and Trul Khor training.

He now lives in Maine, USA with his equal Mirror Consort and their children.


Rushen Retreat

Secure your place with an exclusive discount - limited batch!

  • 9 days of Retreat;
  • Accommodation in equipped individual camping area in the Forest;
  • Round-trip transportation from Vitoria to the retreat Venue;
  • Meals provided during the 9 days of retreat;
  • Closing ceremony;

$ 1,600
Early bird until Jan 21

$ 1,700
Jan 21st - Feb 21st

$ 1,800
Feb 21st onward

Frequently Asked Questions

We will help you with your main doubts!

What is the Rushen Retreat and what does it propose?

Rushen Retreat is traditional Dzogchen preliminary practice that breaks through our 6 Realm fixations, teaching us instead to identify with our True Nature and discover ourselves already in and as an integral part of the Mandala of Sacred Perfection. 

Who can join the Retreat?

The retreat is recommended for practitioners of non-dual traditions and students initiated into Dharma traditions. Initially, we will give preference to initiated students, and later, we will open registrations for other interested parties.

What is the Retreat’s schedule?

The program encompasses Dharma Bodhi teachings, intensive Rushen practices, meals and traditional ritual ceremonies.

Where will the retreat take place and what are the accommodations like?

The Retreat will take place at Instituto Ibietê, in the Capixabas Mountains, in Marechal Floriano, Espírito Santo, Brazil. Participants will stay in reserved areas in nature, with individual spaces for camping.

How can I sign up and guarantee my place?

Registration can be done by filling out the form available on the website. We recommend registering in advance, as the retreat is divided into lots and whoever buys first will get a bigger discount. After paying for the retreat, the participant must fill out an evaluation form and, if the administration feels that more training will benefit the student before they perform a Rushen we will notify you and you may try to apply the next time we run this retreat. 

What are the benefits of rushen practice?

The practice of Rushen aims to pierce the 6 realms with the purpose of fundamentally and irreversibly recognize the difference between suffering and spiritual freedom of your True Nature.

Are there specific requirements for participating?

The retreat is recommended for practitioners of non-dual traditions, and it is recommended to have a foundation in spiritual practices. The initial preference is for initiated students, but we also open space for other interested parties after an application and interview with the retreat administrator Sivanandini.

What payment options are available?

Payment options are detailed during the website registration process. We accept various forms of payment, providing flexibility to participants.

How can I get in touch with additional questions?

For additional questions or support, please contact us via the contact form on the website or by email. We are dedicated to providing the information you need to ensure a smooth and enlightening journey.

What is the warranty policy?

Transfer of Interest:

We offer the option of transferring participation in the retreat to another person, as long as the request is made within a specified period of time. This allows friends or family to enjoy the experience in place of the original participant. It is worth noting that the nominated person must meet the requirements to participate and have their registration form approved by our team.

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Assessment and Anamnesis

Fill out the Assessment and Anamnesis Form so that we can evaluate your participation.

Within a maximum of 72 hours, we will evaluate your application and you will be contacted if you have been approved or to schedule an interview.


After the interview you will receive confirmation and a payment link.

After payment, you will be directed to a WhatsApp group where we will guide you on the next steps to get to the retreat.

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